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#192 Shame

(1968, Ingmar Bergman)

”How do you think someone who dreams about us would feel when he wakes up – shame?”

Ingmar Bergman is well-known as the biggest name in classic Swedish cinema, most known for The Seventh Seal due to how much its famous chess-playing Grim Reaper scene has been parodied over the years. Because of this, he was bound to turn up on this blog. We look at Shame, a speculative fiction about war and strained relationships.

Eva (Liv Ullmann) and Jan (Max von Sydow) are a couple living in a small house on an isolated island, in the midst of a civil war that’s rampaging through Sweden in the near-future. They live off the land, running a small farm and trying to live a normal life despite the growing concerns the war may come to them. As the film progresses, we witness them struggle to hold their relationship together and remain apolitical in an increasingly hostile environment.

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