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#207 Funny Games

(1997, Michael Haneke)

“You’re on their side, aren’t you? So who will you bet with?”

Funny Games. Oh good, another comedy, and potentially one about a family sitting around and playing board games. Sounds like a lovely film. Wait, why’s that man being hit with a golf club? Why’s that woman being tied up with duct tape? Oh god, what is this film? What have I done? Seems that Funny Games is not a happy comedy about board games and is, in fact, a movie about pointless, unprovoked violence. Lovely!

So, we have a wealthy German family. The dad is Georg (Ulrich Muhe), the mum is Ana (Susanne Lothar) and they have a son called Georgy (Stefan Clapczynski). They’re on holiday in a really pretty lakehouse out in the countryside. They get visited by a young man called Jerry (Frank Giering), who says he’s a friend of their neighbour. After requesting some eggs and then causing havoc with them, his friend (Arno Frisch) arrives, and they reveal their names to really be Peter and Paul respectively. They’re also a little creepy, and things soon take a turn for the worse…

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