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#298 Trouble In Paradise

(1932, Ernst Lubitsch)
“If you behave like a gentleman, I’ll break your neck”

Film noir is a genre I have an interest in, but it’s not always fantastic. While normally I enjoy a good crime caper or gritty detective thriller, there are plenty of duds out there. How well does Trouble In Paradise fair?

Centred on two master thieves, Trouble In Paradise is a crime caper about the perils of working with your partner. In Venice, a master thief known as Gaston Monescu (Herbert Marshall) is pretending to be nobility to get easy access to wealthy targets. When he invites a woman named Lily (Miriam Hopkins) to his room, it turns out that she’s a thief pulling the same stunt, resulting in the two forming a partnership, both romantically and professionally. A short while later, they head to Paris where they target a successful perfume manufacturer, Madame Colet (Kay Francis) and begin to work for her to get easy access to her money. However, things take a turn for the worse when Colet begins flirting with Monescu, producing a love triangle that threatens to derail the whole plan.

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