#220 Captain Blood

(1935, Michael Curtiz)

“Desperate men, we go to seek a desperate fortune”

YARR! It be International Talk Like A Pirate Day and we be celebratin’ today with a motion picture about the greatest scurvy dogs on the seven seas. We be lookin’ at Captain Blood and decidin’ whether or not he should be walking the plank.

Captain Blood be the name of the main character, a doctor in ol’ England named Peter Blood (Errol Flynn) who gets sent to Port Royal on the word of that land lubber King James. He be sold as a slave to a wench named Arabella Bishop (Olivia de Havilland), and forced to serve her uncle, Colonel Bishop (Lionel Atwill). But he be a fightin’ man, and he escapes with a motley crew and begins a life of piracy. YARRRRR!

When me and me crew first started watching Captain Blood we be disappointed by the lack of piracy. It were a lotta people talkin’ in big words that we uneducated swabs don’t understand. The chattin’ felt like nothing a real man would say, and it was also odd that they be talkin’ to themselves at times. No real pirate would be philosophisin’ when he could be plunderin’.

Also, we pirates love a good tale but this tale be as lost as a ship without a compass. It takes far too long to get to the piracy we came here for and it be more a series of things happenin’ than a simple tale o’ plunderin’. The story could do with being keelhauled.

I almost felt like throwing the movie overboard but me crew kept me focused. And I be pleased I did, for this was a rip-roarin’ piratey romp.

The tale may be a troubled one, but once the crew set sail, there be lots of high seas action that’ll make any pirate proud. Errol Flynn be a fine captain, commanding his ship and his crew with charm and swagger, and proves himself to be a cunning and wily adversary to his foes. He’s the kind of fella you wanna drink some grog and sing shanties with and I won’t hear a bad word about him. He’s a stellar captain.

Captain Blood also be a great source of merriment that can while away the long hours at sea. It produced some good belly laughs, it did, and the battles at sea and the sword fights got me blood racin’ and desperate to get out plunderin’. I weren’t too sure about the sword fight between Blood and fellow pirate Levasseur (Basil Rathbone), because there be points where it looks like they’re just hitting each other’s swords, which I can confirm ain’t no way to kill a man.

I also weren’t too keen on the romantic part of the tale. Aye, Arabella be a fine wench, but no pirate worth his salt would be as attached to a maiden as that. A pirate’s first love be the sea, although they do make a fine couple o’ lovers when they’re seen together.

Captain Blood weren’t the best movie I ever seen, but it be a fine romp which will keep ye merry, and what more could a good pirate need? The movie gets a hearty YARRRRR from me.

Starring Errol Flynn, Olivia de Havilland, Basil Rathbone & Ross Alexander
Written by Rafael Sabatini (novel) and Casey Robinson
Produced by Harry Joe Brown & Gordon Hollingshead
Music by Erich Wolfgang Korngold
Cinematography by Ernest Haller & Hal Mohr
Edited by George Amy

Favourite Scene: Once the crew escape and steal the ship, the movie gets a lot more fun.
Scene That Bugged Me: When Blood fights Lavasseur, there are points where Blood will be giving a big speech and Lavasseur would just whack his sword against Blood’s. It looked so silly.

Watch it if: Ye like pirates and want to watch pirates do pirate things. YARRRR!
Avoid it if: You’re a ninja


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