#82 Borat

(2006, Larry Charles)

“Jak sie masz?”

As they say in your country, hello! I am Arman Borisov, guest reviewer for Sven and the moviefilms. I review new film release this week in my country of Kazakhstan. We get moviefilm much later than rest of world, because Sven tell me this get release in 2006 in his united kingdoms. We only just get televisions in Kazakhstan in that time. But oh well.

It apparently a film made by fellow Kazakh name of Borat Sagdiev, as he visit glorious country of US and A to get cultural exchange program. But he not really Kazakh, he really call Sacha Baron Cohen and he from Sven’s country. He just pretend to be Kazakh. He a great liar. He poorly represent great nation of Kazakhstan, but I have sense of humour. I watch and see with opened mind.

Although he not real Kazakh reporter, all other peoples in the moviefilm are real peoples. He pretend to be Kazakh reporter to try and trick them. The movie based around their reactions to his outrageous remarks that imply Kazakhstan is nation of rapist and people who hate Jew. Some reactions are funny because it clear they realise this man not real Kazakh, such as an automobile man, who seemed to get the joke. Other peoples, such as the group of ladies who want equal rights for all womens, are angry with Borat, tell him to go away. And some took the not at all true comments about Jew and homosexual and they say they believe. This very scary.

The comedy in this moviefilm is, as you would say, very “connected to bone”. Borat is very against Jew and homosexual and believe women should not be equal. This potentially cause offence, and as Kakazh I make point he not represent others of my people. But it obvious that Cohen not trying to make people laugh with and agree, he trying to poke fun at people who make those remark, and expose political uncorrect opinion in people Borat speak to.

As result, some scene very uncomfortable. While it funny to laugh at the silly comments by Borat about Jew laying egg and giggling when it suggested that woman think for self, it less entertaining to see rodeo owner say all homosexual need to be hang. There also a long fight where Borat and producer are not wearing clothes and run through hotel that possibly go on very long too much.

As a story the moviefilm not very good. Film clearly based on series of not-script sketch. Borat originally from television show in United Kingdoms and it show quite clearly here. There is plot, but it little more than way to link his talkings to American peoples together. Scenes where Borat is not tormenting public and moving little plot on forward not as entertain as rest of film.

But Borat is very funny film. I like. It is a very difficult film that may cause offend to some peoples, but watch with mind that is opened and it can be very enjoy! High five! Great success!

[The above review is the opinion of guest reviewer Arman Borisov and not reflective of the attitudes of Sven vs. The Movies Inc. LLC plc. Thank you and goodnight]

Starring Sacha Baron Cohen
Written by Sacha Baron Cohen, Peter Baynham, Anthony Hines, Todd Phillips & Dan Mazer
Produced by Sacha Baron Cohen & Jay Roach
Music score by Erran Baron Cohen
Cinematography by Luke Geissbuhler & Anthony Hardwick
Edited by Craig Alpert, Peter Teschner & James Thomas

Favourite Scene: I loved the car salesman scene. You really do get the sense that the guy cottoned on to Cohen’s game and started playing along. Actually giving him advice on how to hit gypsies is a big hint.
Scene That Bugged Me: Less naked wresting please!

Watch it if: You’re looking for an extreme version of Candid Camera
Avoid it if: You’re easily offended


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